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    Friday, November 30, 2007

    The Antifits- What is it?

    “Young people and Politics don’t go together normally. Probably you should try writing about the titties of the girl down the hallway.” exclaimed Alex as I deliberated how to bring traffic into this nascent blog in our little shoebox apartment.

    Alex went to the sleep after that (or did he go to the gym?), but not before he got me thinking. A Political blog won’t get me anywhere, because I am not Thomas L. Friedman and ostensibly, Thomas L. Friedman is not really making women orgasm either. I still have to figure out whether am a Republican or a Democrat. Maybe, I am the revolution Ron Paul talks about. I do not know.

    So, I have thought about which direction to take with this blog. Just so that you end up finding yourself here making my readership zoom, and as a result of which advertisement revenue goes up, college in Manhattan gets subsidized, the New York Times calls me up saying the old hag Friedman has been ranting too much lately, his globalization is out of vogue this election season and they would be pleased if I could offer my services. Wishful thinking, apparently.

    I don’t presume to know a lot about Politics. Read the Reuters if you want to know who’s where in the opinion polls. Read the New York Times if you want opinion from Cohen, Dowd, Friedman and Krugman. The Wall Street Journal might be your best bet to make an impression for that internship. Read the New York Post if you want to see naked women. I apologize, but there ain’t here any porn. You might leave now if you came looking for gangbangs, blacks on blondes and the likes. If the Shrek Antifits is something, it is about the tribulations of a Politics Major; about reading big words by big people, getting excited when Obama gets ahead of Hillary in Iowa and trying to understand what does it implicate to be caught as the senator of Idaho engaging in a homosexual act in the bathroom of an airport.   

    Political Science Majors gets shortchanged in New York City. We don’t have the bedroom eyes of the actors, nor do we jam in the Washington Square Park with the cold New York dampness closing on us, nor do we have the cult of creativity that the filmmakers have, nor do we have the Trust Fund daddies like the art historians have. We are the ones that are the faceless heroes; the people who study elections and voting in Slovakia, who bother with Kansas and Kentucky, and know where Jeffrey Sachs and William Easterly stand on how to eradicate Africa out of poverty.

    But we have a story. Yes, even when Law School is a few years from now, and we know we ain’t getting in. This is it. The Shrek Antifits.



    David said...

    As ever, good gear

    nick said...

    thomas freedman's daughter was in the grade above me in middle and high school.