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    Sunday, February 3, 2008

    Politics in the age of Obama..

    A Chelsea Loft. Open Bar. And people dressed straight out of the Urban Outfitter’s catalogue.

    This is Politics, fast forward 2008.

    And you end up raising 13, 000 $ while at it, not bad. Welcome to the Dummies Guide on how to run a Presidential campaign without taking money from lobbyists..

    When history gives its verdict on the Presidential Race ’08, it might end up being remembered as an election that was fought as much on YouTube and Facebook as in the Main Street. An election where Michelle and Sasha Obama were in our inbox, and Obama Girl slugged it out with the Giuliani Girl in an act that had bout two million hits.

    Agreed, Barack Obama can bring people together. His campaign has been called the most diverse coalition of Americans ever seen, and it is probably true. It is an absolute joy to see the demographic diversity that exists in an Obama rally. You know it is something special. But could it just be that?

    Anyone using Barack’s homepage would realize this. That homepage is a piece of art in a way it conveys the Obama story. If Obama is the reason for people to get together, technology makes sure that they get together. The fact that he has such a great homepage and a web resource for his supporters makes it pertinent that the man realizes what that technology is a great enabler.

    We must realize that life as we know would go through dramatic changes in the next 30 years. I just saw a preview for the Microsoft Surface, and it just blew my mind. Almost scary, you realize where technology is heading and how it directs the course are lives take. See the video for yourself.

    America just cannot keep having Presidents that don’t believe in Evolution. And the fact that Barack himself is big on technology cannot be a bad thing. He was quite the dork on his visit to the Google Headquarters in Mountain View just after he announced his decision to run for Presidency.   

    But Politics ain’t always dorky. I am still feeling from the alcohol that I drank at the fundraiser.

    And yes, they did not run out of alcohol.

    Obama’ed out..


    - Shreshth Dugar

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