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    Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    Liverpool meets Providence for 10 Euros: The skies are open.

    The new transatlantic open-skies agreement goes into effect in five days.

    Michael O’ Leary, as the Chief Executive of Ryan Air, knows a thing or two about flying.

    He says he might be spinning of an airline connecting Tier- II Towns transatlantic, so for a base fare of 10 Euros; you could fly between Providence and Liverpool, Baltimore and Birmingham.

    Earlier, the United States had to negotiate with individual nations. The negotiations entailed that Airlines could only take off or land in their native countries, and each airlines had specific airports they could serve.

    Simply meaning Lufthansa had Frankfurt, and Air France had Charles De Gaulle in Paris.

    All that would hopefully be history with this new aviation policy. The Antifits believe more connectivity can only bring people closer and prices lower. Capitalism can sing a sweet tune, if we allow it too.

    European Integration would not have been where it is right now, had there been no hoards of the English and the Germans off every available bit of sun, sea and the sand in Europe. And whenever people doubt the functionality of the union, it would be great to look at the Spanish tourists that throng all over Europe. The Spanish have had it good the last twenty odd years being in the Union, and it’s utterly sweet to see that get reflected in the numbers that travel, living a Europe and a reality different from the one their parents lived in.

    Dresden is a city of 500, 000 that received 3,000,000 tourists who stayed overnight, and it’s not the biggest secret that a lot of the spanking new transformation of this East German city, something that contradicts the rest of the state of Saxony or the East for that matter, would have not been possible with federal budgeting.

    Yes, It won’t be all that bad if Americans moved around a bit more. And that just isn’t a New Yokk yuppie talking.

    Kentucky meets Cote d’Azure. Keep your fingers crossed.

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