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    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    R.I.P Burritoville

    I don't care what really ever happened to Lehman or AIG. But the credit squeeze down by Wall Street has a casualty I will really cared about.

    Burritoville. All the Manhattan ones.


    No wonder in the past week, walking by Burritoville down by Bleecker Street twice in the West Village, we found it to be closed. I had found it strange. Little did I know.

    R.I.P Buritoville. You were a slice of my Manhattan. Down by the Financial District when I lived in Water Street in the summer. Or on Bleecker. Or on Seamless Web ordering delivery.

    The recession is a bummer.

    For City’s Burritovilles, AdiĆ³s or Hasta la Vista?

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