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    Wednesday, March 5, 2008

    How a bottle of water could teach the Democrats a thing or two..

    My life is such these days that I spend 3 $ on a bottle of water, and I don’t think of it as anything fancy. What matters to me that it’s Artesian, and it has all this wonderful Silica.

    I am, obviously, talking about Fiji, bottled in an aquifer in a virgin ecosystem at the edge of a primitive rainforest, thousands of miles away from an industrialized continent.

    I can’t think of 3 $ buying anything more in today’s world.

    But also, Manhattan rubs in. Just the other day, I got a carton of Pure American, a generic Walgreen’s supermarket brand. It was ridiculously cheap, about 4 $ for a carton of twelve 500 ml bottles. Brimming with satisfaction from the coup I just pulled off, I got back home. And damn, did I know that a generic supermarket brand could put me through such ridicule from my roommate.

    And since then, I taste Water.

    3 $ Water Bottles are not what college kids do. But this is what I tell myself. In the Modern Bottled Water industry lays the possibilities of the modern world. With a flick of that debit card, you could be sipping water from artesian wells in St. Jana off the Adriatic Coast, or taste the exceptional purity of Icelandic Glacial Water, or have a touch of chic with New York’s own Fred, or have Volvic that has the crisp finish of ancient volcanoes of the Auvergne in France.

    And yes, if you still believe that water is nothing but two atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen getting together and doing their thing, you might want to try the Crystal Geyser they sell at Starbucks. You might as well not drink water.

    But with all this water business, the Democrats better get their positions on Globalization straight, if the recent bickering between Clinton and Obama on NAFTA was anything to go by. If artesian water from Fiji could be gurgling my mouth right now, Globalization is here to stay.

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