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    Friday, March 7, 2008

    They don't get fat. They have great sex. And yes, They are French.

    “French women ‘are the sexual predators now’.”

    That is, if The Telegraph and the 12, 000 odd women interviewed for The Study on Sexuality in France are to be believed.

    Read The Telegraph piece here.

    The Antifits has always believed that in Europe lays the hope keep on with the French for the rest of the international community. Nothing beats me how the Germans take it when repeated French governments find the entire fault with Frankfurt for their own economic imprudence. But they do, and in recent years, Germany has never been stronger. Charlemagne in this week's Economist a fabulous insight on it.

    They don't get fat. They have great sex. And yes, They are French. But can we in the French women see where we in this world of Venus and Mars are heading?

    The report says that sexual behavior of men and women have gone increasingly similar. One in five men in France find sex boring, or have little interest in it. On the other hand, Women have gone increasingly assertive.

    The Telegraph cites Le Nouvel Observateur, which says, “The good old dichotomy (male predators, females patiently awaiting the warrior’s return in front of the cave entrance) is in big trouble.”

    There’s something we could all learn from the French. But unfortunately, that is often neither Politics nor Economics.

    Either ways, I got my ticket booked to Europe next week.

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