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    Sunday, July 13, 2008

    Hard to keep grades up, Mom.

    If this blog is about the tribulations of a college kid, funny how Facebook never came up. Even funnier is how we as college kids in Manhattan forget that we are college kids after all.

    Anyways, little did I know Facebook would force itself in. Or a Facebook application.


    As Apple made thinner laptops and iPhones and bigger dividends, and Microsoft battled for Yahoo to do a Google, Facebook did a Facebook with the little chat platform on the right bottom of the screen. And for this to sink in, I say wait till the end of the first academic term since its inception to see how it would eat our academic productivity.

    "It is too darn intrusive on my privacy."

    "Dude, look this is the bitch down the hall I slept with. How fuckin' awkward."

    Of course, what Facebook did was nothing new. GTalk has been there for a while, and my fellow Macintosh mates would tell you, nothing beats doing a video with your roommate when you in the toilet and he in his desk on iChat.

    But what Facebook did right was give access to your 500+ buddies, and yes, that included the bitch you slept with.

    And sometimes awkward can quickly turn into fun. It just needs a little reconciliation.

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