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    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    This fall, something bigger and better.

    Internet is an unforgiving place. But done right, possibilities on the web are limitless.

    With that idea, I am talking to Ken Hsu of the Dumbjock fame for a possible amalgamation, with a bigger and a better product.

    We have been raised by The New York Times, and we strictly believe until and unless we give you words of that quality, we should rather just redirect you to the NY Times homepage.

    But with Ken, we have certain ideas that would premiere something new this fall. And I am excited for it.

    What happens to the Antifits?

    The Antifits
    is and remains as it always would be. It would continue as it does with sporadic and utter randomness. This idea of something bigger stems from the fact that we, as individual bloggers, have understood this world better. Hence, nothing undermines what I learnt from The Antifits and it still remains a priority that I feel very strongly about.

    And I am pulsatingly excited for it.

    And Ken, before the big premiere this fall, we want to you to write your first guest column here at The Antifits.


    Update on August 1, 2008: Ken Hsu has done it again, and The Antifits lauds the creativity of the man. Check it out here at

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