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    Friday, August 1, 2008

    Apparently, This is New York City.

    Is it? Check for yourself. At least, if the city had to be bottled in a 60 second commercial.

    The idea behind it is for New York to speak for itself.

    At the launch in October 10, 2007 David Doctroff, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development said that for in order "to get to the core of New York City, you simply have to let New York City speak for itself."

    We agree, Mayor Bloomberg and Mr. Doctroff.

    And in today's world, for someone to speak for itself, it takes a cool $ 30 million well spent.

    Check the NYC and Company website here.

    We ain't complaining if that is what keeps women world over flocking our shores, while we put the local charm to good use in the bars of Bleecker, and we keep getting our restaurant weeks.

    Read the New York Times take on it dated October 11, 2007.

    1 comment:

    Kenny said...

    The NY Times knows it shit. Thus, the Antifits also knows it shit.