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    Friday, August 15, 2008

    The Frugal traveller will live on.

    Catch Matt Gross at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh here in the last of the Frugal Traveller's grand Europe tour.

    Ironically, I am in Edinburgh too. And in the final week of the Fringe.

    But I still cannot get over the fact that for the first time in weeks I have reliable wireless without paying TMobile roaming at 0.18 $ a minute, or dodgy pay-as-you-go terminals.

    Not ironically, it also coincides with the first time I am staying in a somewhat decent accomodation in the British Isles that has costed me 54 $ a night and is not a dingy Victorian dungeon in the middle of bumblefuck Northern Wales.

    Told you, the Frugal Traveller will live on.

    Although very frugal, I partied amidst Liam Neeson's cousins, 2500 $ Bottle Service and spanking views of Manchester at the much talked about Cloud 23 at the Hilton in Manchester last night. Call it the Manchester bling! And apparently, it is booked till October 23.

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