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    Saturday, August 16, 2008

    How Starbucks saves my life

    It sucks to be by yourself. In Edinburgh. More so, by the Fringe festival.

    But far away from everything, you do know there is a Starbucks round the cornr. Starbucks saves my life.

    Oh! The green and the white, tucked in the Royal Mile, perfect TMobile wireless and a Grande Chai latte. America's way of saying "I love you".

    Just the New York Times is the Times. But it feels good to be home.

    1 comment:

    Varun Aggarwal said...

    Shreshth mate, the antifits meeting NYt standards.Dude you wandering around the best of britain from looks of it.Liam Neeson's cousin i hope have an irish accent as endearing as their brother...i need updates about Edinburgh mate..its too good city not too hear about!!