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    Monday, September 22, 2008

    I have a baseball team now

    I think I know that I am a Yankees fan now. I flirted a bit with the New York Mets. Now I know better. And it took a certain Derek Jeter addressing the crowd at the last Yankees game to hit the final nail on the head.


    Now we are set for a showdown. Kenny and Alex, apart from our new Sharp LCD, are responsible for me getting into baseball, and they happen to be for the Mets.

    Fascination for the underdog. Cute maybe, but that is about it.

    Echoes in the Bronx- Paul Simon [NY Times- 09/19/2008]


    Kenny said...

    The Yankees nation is proud to welcome yet another asshole.

    Kenny said...

    Okay, Shrek, let's get off baseball and back onto Main St.

    Alex said...

    Technically we're not American.... So we don't have the right to support a baseball team.....I think it's in the Bill of Rights