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    Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    We called it

    We will be full of ourselves for a minute or so. Midnight today, the ban on Short Selling would expire. Now you might ask what is the reason why we at The Antifits would have a reason to feel even better than we do about ourselves?

    We called it. We knew it was temporary.

    On 09/19/2008, The Antifits wrote:
    "I don't necessarily agree with the backlash against, say, short selling. And I would have markets deregulated than the other way round."

    On 09/25/2008, The Antifits wrote:
    "And apart from a certain executive pay clause and the temporary ban on short selling, it will be all on his terms."

    And at times when it was politically incorrect to do so, around the time when a visceral McCain was suspending campaigns and Barack Obama was on the phone with Hank Paulson.

    Moral of the story: Read the Antifits and be ahead of the Times.

    No pun intended on the Times thing.

    Ban on Short Selling ends - Did it make any difference [NYTimes- 10/07/08]

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