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    Thursday, October 2, 2008

    Your skin needs a bailout

    A couple of weeks or so ago, yours truly had a serious bout of acne. And like Investment Bankers who have to learn to deal with less than six-digit bonuses, this was a completely new world that was opening up to me.

    The world of solicited and sometimes, unsolicited advice, and of greedy capitalist companies promising a Zach Effron- me.

    Dermatologists were recommended. I was expected to know Cate Blanchett's skin regimen. And how the hell could I even consider Proactiv. I needed to sleep better, run more, sweat lesser and drink more water.

    Well, I ordered Proactive. The next day a flier made its way to my mailbox. And the fucking spam filters did not catch it. Tell me it is not a conspiracy.


    All this for a guy that used shower gel on his face.

    I use Lush now. What sold me was the sweet lady in the Lush store at Union Square. I walk into the store, and she goes like "What can I do for you, honey?"

    "I have developed acne. I never had it before. I am terrified."

    "People say I am going to die now."

    No, I did not say that.

    "Ohh sweetheart. Don't worry. All your skin needs is a bailout." She quipped.

    So, Washington, Wall Street and John McCain, you ain't alone in this bailout business. I feel you.

    Skin Deep- Buying Face Cream. Grab a Glossary? [NYTimes- 10/01/2008]

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    tobiasfreiwald said...

    maybe this happened due to the sandwiches..