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    Monday, February 2, 2009

    Gordon Brown: The new master of the universe

    If anything, the last few days have nailed the point home that Barack Obama is not going to be the one leading us out of the financial crisis.

    You might call David Brookes a conservative (Read his column here) , but even a liberal like Paul Krugman yesterday in his column rubbished the Obama administration's response to the financial crisis as one stuck in a "time warp." And why isn't Larry Summers or Tim Geithner or Obama himself in Davos right now.

    Mr. President, you have to realize that this is an international banking crisis we are dealing with, and not an election that has to be won.

    So, where is the leadership that is going to take us out of this? It has to be Prime Minister Gordon Brown. More on him soon, but watch this (From 49:53 to 52:21) as he recounts the then-British Treasury secretary in the 1930's responding to John Maynard Keynes proposal to overturn the economy, and makes a valid case for counter-cyclical spending.

    Is it just me, or Zakaria's face just drip with awe.

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