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    Thursday, March 27, 2008

    Sarkozy needs a shrink, and some paternal love.

    Apparently, Sarkozy needs a shrink.


    Living in Manhattan means that I would not read much into that statement, but a head of state for approximately 60 Million people needing a psychiatrist is not a very snug feeling.

    But say whatever you might, Sarkozy does like to kiss a bit of ass. The man loves the applause. It is not really a bad thing for a politician actually.

    Britons who might have been elated at the speech he gave, something that could be read from my last post, might want to recall the speech he made in Washington DC. It was almost blatant in his explicit in his vindication for the Americans, something that ostensibly did not fall into place after the disastrous last seven years.

    Watch the speech here.

    It makes sense, doesn’t it? Le Monde reports that there might be something else about Sarkozy and his ways. One shrink reiterates his attention seeking ways and his dire need to be the headlines as the lack of paternal love he got as a child.

    Either ways, one expert put is best, when he said, “What makes Sarkozy live in Politics is his being.”

    Either ways, he does not stop fascinating me.

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