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    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Wake up, America.

    This came as a shocker. I am a student at The New York University and my page upload was a mere 213 Kilobytes per second.

    For starters, I am a student in one of the most expensive and the top research schools in the world, paying an expected $240, 000 for education over the next four years.

    Upload speeds back home in Noida, India are about five times, and the broadband plan costs about $ 54 a month. Check the specifics here.

    More so considering I am bang in the middle of Manhattan. And we are comparing it to India, and not the more technologically advanced East Asian countries.

    Otherwise you would have looked worse.

    And yes, in case you were wondering, India has a GDP per capita of 750 $, compared to America's $ 43, 444.

    Wake up, America. And you are now a 16th in broadband speeds in the world.

    And slipping.


    Anonymous said...

    This is fucked up. What's wrong with our fuckin' politicians. Fuck Washington. Revolution..

    Rajat Verma said...

    Everyone fucked up!