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    Friday, May 16, 2008

    Change we will

    Right from Iowa to my New York City to West Virginia, the primaries and the caucuses have moved across America, save Oregon, Kentucky, Montana and South Dakota, and three weeks from the showdown at the Democratic National Convention the Nomination for November ‘08 is not yet certain. But damn, have we come a long way or what from, say, January 4th, when Iowans braved a Midwest winter to get the ball of Democracy rolling?

    I go to school at The New York University. I live in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. I am writing this from a legalize-marijuana-I-am-gay- five bucks for a cup of coffee cafĂ© on Waverly Place. Ironically, it is called Joe’s. Obviously Joe’s is not for the average Joe. But Average Joe, take heart, this election has been about you.

    It is about you going on the streets shouting your voice hoarse. It is about you convincing your Conservative Dad that old school for the first time is not legit. It is about that Obama Fleece sweatshirt with a hoodie that saw you through winter. It is eating a 99 cents Ramen Noodles while getting E- Mails from Barack or Hillary asking you to donate. It is the cute brunette working on the photocopy machine, and this time you know for starters that she is a liberal. It is about getting horribly drunk at a Fundraiser but seek redemption in the fact that the end justified the means. It is talking politics at weird hours, and political jargon being used to talk normal things. It is about crashing in with people you don’t know in places you haven’t been before, but knowing that somehow all that matters is who makes it to the Oval Office this January. It is about you knowing that it is you who is the star in the Star- Spangled banner.


    Three weeks, and we will have our candidate. Hillary and Barack won’t matter as much in our lives. A portly old man called John McCain will pop in our radars. The Democratic Party would not be divided again. As Democrats, we would have found the bigger evil, the Republicans. And people might bill Hillary Vs Barack as a nomination race unlike any other; it is nothing but an illustration of the fact that how much we do not want to concede it to the Republicans.

    In this country, they say that when you are 19, you think you are a liberal. But when you are 35, you know that you are a Republican. They might call us college kids whatever they want, but damn, as kids in College in the United States, we have seen our friends shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan. We have answered for America abroad, when they have questioned us about a Washington in which we have little stake. Some of us have graduated out of college to an America that is in an economic recession. It has been a while since Editorials in Newspapers in this country have made us glad about being an American. Never has America been so constantly maligned. If a Dinner is intimate, it is French. If a dinner is unhealthy, no wonder these Americans are so bloody darn obese. It is a world in which the Russians are resurgent, the Chinese are the new superpowers, the French are always thin, no one wants to buy the U.S. Dollar and the Europeans are the ones you want to be. I call this Anyone but America syndrome. And there in lies what needs to change, come 2009.


    But change we will. You know why? Because this is America. As much there is wrong now, there is something inherently right. You know what is that..

    I am an Indian. Yet I feel I am the star of the Star-Spangled Banner.

    Read my endorsement of Sentaor Obama here.


    Editor - Kenny said...

    Like the Undertaker from the WWF, Shrek "Shreshth" Dugar rose from the ashes and wrote this incredible blog. I think we all must reflect, on a struggling economy, on a brutal presidential election, and $5 coffee in the West Village. Cheers.

    Rajat Verma said...

    I would say, rose from New Delhi to New York